Gabriele 'Scar' Kilby


Basic Details

Stock Human Class Cleric (lvl 7) Age 26 Home Remote Village
Raiment Belief We only live day to day because the immortal lords allow it Instinct When we make camp, I make a 1st circle spell scroll Alignment Law
Parents Orphaned Mentor Hildur the Dungeoneer Friend Stump the peasant Enemy The abbot


Will 6 Health 5 Resources 3 Circles 2
Might 3 Nature 5/5 Descriptors Running Demanding Boasting

Traist & Wises

Wises Dog Wise Lord of creation-Wise Lords of life and death wise Marching Wise
Traits Touched by the Gods 3 Rough Hands 1 Healing Hands 1 Fearless 2


Alchemist Arcanist Armourer Cartographer
Commander Cook Criminal Dunegoneer 3
Fighter 3 Haggler Healer 5 Hunter
Lore Master Manipulator Mentor Orator
Pathfinder Persuader 4 Rider Ritualist 6
Scavenger Scholar 5 Scout 2 Survivalist 5
Theologian 6 Carpenter 4 Steward 3 Labourer 3


Head Worn Neck Worn Feet Worn
Helmet Holy Symbol Shoes
Hands Worn Worn CarriedCarried
1D Treasure FREE Small Sack Shield
Torso Worn Worn Worn Belt Pouch Weapon Skin
Backpack Backpack Leather Sling + Ammo Water
Backpack Packed Packed Packed Packed Packed Packed
Rope Rope Hammer of unbinding Grappling Hook Grapling Hook Torches
Small sack Packed Packed Small sack Packed Packed
Hoe Scroll Small sack FREE FREE
Small sack Packed Packed
Large Sack Packed Packed Packed Packed Packed Packed

Gabriele 'Scar' Kilby

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