Gamrar, Son of Glesrek


Basic Details

Stock Dwarf Class Adventurer (lvl 6) Age 60
Home Khern Garum Raiment A crossbow carved with Dwarvish runes (“Doorbreaker”) Belief It is more important to bring people home than treasure.
Instinct When we make camp, I fix something we broke that day. Alignment Law Parents Orphaned
Mentor Levi (Pathfinder) Friend Gwynnan (Labourer)- a drinking buddy Enemy Shana (Elf Ranger)


Will 5 Health 5 Resources 4 Circles 4
Might 3 Nature 4 Descriptors Delving Crafting Avenge-grudges

Traist & Wises

Wises Climbing-wise Mining-wise Dwarven Craft-Wise Trap-Wise
Traits Born of Earth and Stone 3 Stubborn 2 Grumbling Graybeard 1


Alchemist 2 Arcanist Armourer 6 Cartographer Commander Cook 3 Criminal Dungeoneer 5
Fighter 4 Haggler Healer Hunter Lore Master Manipulator Mentor Orator 3
Pathfinder 2 Persuader Rider Ritualist Scavenger Scholar 2 Scout 5 Survivalist
Stonemason 3 Weaver 3 Carpentry 2 Labourer 5 Fishing 3


Head Worn Neck Worn Feet Worn
Helmet Garlic Shoes
Hands Worn Worn CarriedCarried
1D Treasure FREE “Doorbreaker” FREE
Torso Worn Worn Worn Belt Pouch Weapon Skin
Satchel Chainmail Leather Tinderbox Runic Sword Wine
Satchel Packed Packed Packed
Hammer Spikes FREE
Large Sack Packed Packed Packed Packed Packed Packed

“The dwarven world is full of ale and laughter, so go the stories, but what they always fail to mention is the alcoholism and those who die in the mines to suffocation, rockfall, dehydration, starvation or by their own hand. Born of Earth and Stone…born to be buried in it more like, not to mention your own shit and piss up to your ankles.”

Gamrar, son of Glesrek

Gamrar, Son of Glesrek

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