Jasmine Florent

Down on her Luck Student Turned Adventurer


Personal Details

Name Jasmine Florent
Stock Human
Class Magician
Title Adept
Level 6
Starting Age 17
Age 24
Alignment Unaligned
Home Winterbite (Wizards Tower)

Fate 3 / 34
Persona 3 / 34

Parents Shalla and Marcus the Scholars
Mentor -
Shakra the Map Maker
Agatha the Elder of Skogenby and the village of Skogenby
Scholar Holbrook Archivist in Backwash
Halvard the Town Guard
Istrum of Emerin – Chaos Wizard in Winterbite
Zamasha – Djinn protector of Helioanthus’ Tower
Katyen – Worg Scout and Guide on the Hollowhorn Plains

Enemy Caspian The Magician

There are more important things than gold in the West


When I encounter a new monster I spout lore


Will 6
Health 4
Resources 4
Circles 3
Nature 3
Might 3


Book- Wise (Jasmine has read many books in the library of Winterbite)
Map-Wise (Jasmine has drawn many maps of the area and studied ancient ones from lost places)
Planar Navigation-Wise (Jasmine has travelled many strange phenomena and even several alternate realms in her time in the west)
Divination-wise (jasmine has many times utilised spells to peer beyond the Skein of worlds and has become a specialist in divination magic)

Old Wises

Backwash-wise (Jasmine is generally friendly and likeable and has got to know a surprising number of the residents of Backwash
Enchantment-wise (Jasmine has gained a surprising amount of insight into different enchantments and their nature on her travels)


Thoughtful Rank 3
Wizard Sight Rank 3
Book Worm Rank 2
Adventurous Rank 1


Alchemist 6
Arcanist 6
Carpenter 4
Cartographer 5
Dungeoneer 4
Haggler 4
Hunter 4
Laborer 3
Lore Master 6
Persuader 4
Ritualist 3
Scavenger 2
Scholar 4
Scout 3
Survivalist 2
Steward 4

Spells in Library

Spells of the 1st Circle
Aetherial Swarm (L)
Wizards Aegis (L)
Wisdom of Sages (L)
Mystic Porter (L)
Supernal Vision (L)
Thread of Friendship
Sailor’s Friend
Word of Binding (L)
Lightness of Being (L)
Dance of the Fireflies

Spells of the 2nd Circle
Eldritch Darts (L)
Eye of Omen (L)
Phantasmal Vision (L)

Spells of the 3rd Circle
Apotropaic Circle (L)
Incandescent Beacon (L)

Spellbooks Contents
Libre Novica
Wisdom of the Sages
Supernal Vision
Lightness of Being
Eldritch Darts

Libre Tetronica
Eye of Omens
Incandescent Beacon


Growing up in the town of Winterbite besides it’s well known college of Magic Jasmine was always a bright and quick thinking girl. Her parents Shalla and Markus despite only being poor scholars scrimped and saved to pay to allow Jasmine to enter into the college. All through her teenage years Jasmine studied and practiced, working for the elderly one time adventurer Shakra who now drew maps of the far off places he’d seen in his youth. It was her proudest day when she was granted admittance and a scholarship standing along side the other newly enrolled students.

It was her most shameful day when three years later she was expelled following an illegal mages duel with her rival at the school Caspian. The precise nature of the event was muddied by recriminations and insults on both sides but the gist was Caspian had insulted her spell casting, parentage and education and that had not been something Jasmine could stand. After expulsion with few willing to hire on a disgraced apprentice and too horrified by the thought of facing her parents disappointment she fled vowing to make a name for herself, pay off her parents debts and have revenge on that arrogant bastard Caspian…

So it was that with few other options the apprentice magician Jasmine arrived in backwash aboard a leaky barge, few possessions to her name but her face towards the future…

Adventuring Career
Winter’s Survived: 7
Expeditions Survived: 22

Trinkets Carried
A small bag of black sand from the beach of Nowhere
A small wooden coin painted gold from the Church of the Threefold way
A small switch of wood from the Elven village of Bagranor
A small sketch of the Hollowhorn the party met when they first arrived in the Holloworn Plains
A set of arm strappings to show a friend to the Roden tribe given to Jasmine by Thorkeld the Roden shaman
A small doll of a goblin child found on the Hollowhorn Plains
A gnarled scar from a Burning One’s Pickfrom Degtorum’s caves

Notable Items Carried
Elven Cloak originally worn by Inairen the Elven Ranger
A staff of white wood and silver from Helioanthus’ Tower – capable of creating light
Iridescent crystal dagger with a slight shimmering – dagger that originates in the city of Pearl found in Helioanthus’ tower.

Old Scars:
Long scar along right arm from the Great Kobold of Blakes Mine
Livid scar between shoulder blades where the Sword of Hathor’Vash struck
Beak shaped scar along the left calf where an Owl Bear tried to drag Jasmine back to it’s den
Series of teeth marks around right wrist where an unliving hound bit down
Fang Marks in right shoulder where a dire wolf savaged Jasmine
Knarled Scar in the left hip where an orc scimitar cut deep

Jasmine Florent

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