Timothy of Skogenby

Even the small may rise as pious and unrelenting...


Name Timothy of Skogenby
Stock Human
Class Cleric
Title Disciple
Level 2
Starting Age 15
Age 18
Alignment Chaos
Home Skogenby (Remote Village)

Fate 2/4
Persona 4/4

Parents Asta and Rudi the Peasants
Mentor Ruven Leororis

Merill the Weaver of Skogenby
Wolfgang the Armour Maker


Defeat a dark creature

When the light Goes out I light a new one


Will 4
Health 3
Resources 2
Circles 3
Nature 1/3
Might 3

Ironblood Moor-wise

Touched by the Gods 1
Early Riser 1


Fighter 2
Healer 3
Hunter 2
Peasant 2
Orator 2
Ritualist 4
Scholar 2
Scout 2
Survivalist 3
Theologian 3


A fateful encounter with adventurers changed Timothy’s life when the vicious wight Hathor’Vash was released from her resting place. Timothy did his part in helping to defeat the creature leading the possesed Caeleth out onto the moors alongside Jasmine Florent and several others. The wight was eventually forced to return to its barrow though it still haunted Timothy’s dreams and nightmares. Everynight he would see, the priest “Mad Dog” Doug Cooper helped bring him peace when he came to the village and spoke of the Immortal Lords and the protection they laid upon this world. Those words stayed with Timothy and a few months later he came to backwash to study at the temple and donned the clothing of a disciple of chaos. He spent three or four years learning what he could and now takes up arms for the common folk and the Immortal Lords.

Adventuring Career
Winter’s Survived: 0
Expeditions Survived: 2

Old Scars
Knobbled Scalpula where he was crushed by a falling door of the Temple of Sun and Moon

Timothy of Skogenby

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