A Guide to Curses and Hexes

Herein is a body of knowledge on the malefic curses that have been laid upon us by the creatures of the Dark.

It is believed, but unproven by any of us, that Curse-Eater Castle will (as its namesake suggests) remove all curses in its endless hunger. We have yet to prove the efficacy or sanity of such a course of action.

Word is spreading that also one of the adventurers Gabriele ‘Scar’ Kilby is able to lift curses, as the man in the Hotel can prove as they are no longer haunted by bad dreams.

The Curse of Foul Breath
Source A Barrow Wight almost certainly many other sources
Effect The afflicted are cursed to breathe in foetid and foul air, food becomes like ash and diseases and injuries become very difficult to recover from
Cure Use healer’s supplies to find a place that is unclean and clean it thoroughly from top to bottom and then in the room strip and use the same supplies to clean yourself.

The Curse of Deep-Fire
Source Wrath-husks (thus far encountered in Degtorum) Passed by proximity including combat, we think.
Effect Limns the forms of its victims in unholy flame, and seems to drive them to kill all not bearing the curse. Can also affect inanimate objects, including rooms.
Cure Gruff Kaspar claimed the only cure was to throw oneself on the mercy of Curse-Eater Castle. We have yet to see him proved wrong.

The Curse of Traveler’s-Burden
Source Destruction of Heathen (Old World) Altars or failing the ritual of the Chariot
Effect More likely to encounter the dangers of the west as they are driven by fates. (DM may roll the random encounter twice and choose their favourite / more interesting option.)
Cure Travelling to a new region.

The Curse of Twisting Dimensions
Source The archway underneath Whitereach Hold which if you walk through curses you, bolstered by an Old God (Kyogath)
Effect Makes travel time 1.5 times as far and makes navigating much more difficult
Cure Losing yourself in a spiral such as the spiral pit on the Hollowhorn Plains

A Guide to Curses and Hexes

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