Curious Explorer Inn Stash

The Guildhouse in Backwash has a myriad of store rooms for all kinds of goods, equipment and weapons.

Guildhouse Gardens
Dryad’s Bloom – Rare Orchid

24 x Preserved Rations (8 Pack)
8 Lembas Bread (2 Pack)
Barrel of beans – 5 days (2 pack)

Armoury and Equipment Storage
Jasmine’s Dagger
Pearl City Shield (3D)
Hats (Warm) x 4
Suit of Chain Mail
Helmet x3
Shields x 2
Spear x 3
Pair of Javelins x 2 (2 javelins per)

Herbs for making Poisons
Exhaustion Poultice x 1
Poison Flasks x 2

Grappling Hook x 1
Flask of Oil
Bottle of Oil
Tinder Box x 2
Tent x 1
Shoes x 2
Mirrors x 2
Small Sack x 1

Chainmail Small Sack 2/2

Dryad’s Crown – A sign of favour for crossing the Whispering Wood prevents one from becoming lost

1 x Wooden Pulk


1 x Injury Potions

Wooden Chest (6/6)
2 Pack of Gold Coins (2D)
Orphan Treasure (Lochlan) (1D)
Shards of a rune inscribed stone bowl (Pack 1)

Stasis Chest (0/6)

Stasis Chest (6/6)
Dwarven Puzzle Box (Decoder for the Chronographers Tower)
Piece of Necklace (Chronographers Tower?)
A weird crank / handle we found in the tunnels beneath Clovencrest Tower
Golden Bottle Pack 1 2D (Filled with Aqua Regia Worth 1D)

Archives and Library
Scroll of Sailors Friend x 2
Spellbook of Gruff Caspar (Contains Spells Thread of Friendship)

Guild House Stables
Zi – the Paladin Steed
Isil – Riding Horse
Garnrin Faldan, First to the Grain – Pack Horse (Gamrars, full saddlebags)
Tankard – Pack Horse
Blitzen – Elven Steed
? – Paladin Steed

The Keg (Small Group Boat)

Curious Explorer Inn Stash

Bear Torches, Young Man (Torchbearer West Marches) Doodmons