Degtorum (Highwatch)

A watchtower of the Kingdom of the Eternal Tower, a kingdom of dwarves that fell long ago to some kind of madness upon its peoples. The march is reasonable and the directions from the old records found are accurate for the most part, but the land is cold and food is scarce. Streams of water can be found nearby, and it is my staunch belief that the tower must have a source within it, though I have only reason and logic, not proof.

Overview of areas

The tower’s doors will open to the word Rokadz spoken in the hollow in the doors, at the height of a dwarven head. Within is an entry hall leading to two trapped rooms, one of which is safe and the other marked. Both of these lead to the core of the tower, a single room around a lift-shaft divided by several sets of bars, likely for defenders to rain crossbow bolts on intruders. There have been lifts and mechanisms observed, but their functionality is unknown. The doors between are barred but can be broken down with force. There are stairs down to a room with machinery through the armed trap room. The frame of those stairs has a switch of unknown purpose at arm’s reach above a dwarf.

Current State following the Expedition number “who gives a fuck”

(Bjorn, Scar, Evanescence and Gamrar.)

Ground floor:

  • Entrance room, checked for treasure and traps
  • Right of entrance, blade trap, pressure plates marked
  • Left of entrance, poison trap, safe path marked.
  • Right hallway, stairs leading to furnace for lifts, ladder to the depths, otherwise to ground floor landing.
  • Left hallway, ladder to depths, otherwise continues to ground floor landing.
  • Ground floor landing. Two lifts: one up and one down. The downward lift has yet to be used.

First floor:

  • First floor landing, disabled traps but use caution, safe and table secured from officers mess.
  • Left doorway, platform with water tap that requires pumping.
  • Central doorway, Cursed with the burning souls of the dead. Close eyes and be guided by another of strong will.
  • Right doorway, broken floor now fixed, source of 7D gold plaque, forge and second floor lift mechanism fixed. Forge BLESSED to be warm and bless an armourer with skill when crafting here (+1D).
  • Through central doorway there is the armoury (believed to be safe now), officers room (cleared of useful goods) and toilet.

Second floor:
To get to the second floor, one must start the forge and press the button near the entrance-way to activate the mechanism which lies uncovered beside it.

  • Chapel: behind the ornate door lies a chapel to the Demon of Deep Fire which lies far beneath the ground floor. Powerful cursed being lies within a brazier which contains a portal and direct link to the Demon of Deep Fire.
  • Store room: checked and cleared of all useful goods. Water jugs have been left there for the needy and thirsty.
  • Forge room: the fire was not lit due to the evil presence within the chapel.
  • Observation room: open balcony to Basson Beacons. Up the ladder is a Beacon which cannot be lit (“and serves no purpose to be lit” – Gamrar) blessed by the Burning Lords (+1D recover exhausted).


Little of the depths has been explored for it is a mine and dwarven hall of great size. There are a great many labyrinthine hallways to be explored, while the very breath is stolen from your lips. There is a singular marked pathway to the silver smith. Fortune prayers to those who would wander further and deeper.

Only one type of creature which could be described as ‘alive’ has been found thus far. Once dwarves, now somewhere between the unliving and the demonically possessed, they are sustained by a fell and contagious curse that limns them in unholy fire and drives them to kill. They are intelligent, but vulnerable to the wrath of the Lords of Life and Death and holy water. Should you face them, have courage and a strong mind to resist their corruption, for they bring haunting fear as well as chainmail, helms, maces, and axes. They wait within the doors, for they are the last barrier we could put between them and us.

Degtorum Camp Inventory

Crappy Dagger
1x iron spikes, 3x large sacks.
1x spectacle fireworks
4x Exhaustion Poultice
Leather armour
Incendiary firelighting supplies
Candle Lantern
Grappling Hook
Wooden chest filled with torches (18 torches)
1x Laborer’s supplies
3x injury poultices.
Small sack

Degtorum (Highwatch)

Bear Torches, Young Man (Torchbearer West Marches) Doodmons