Dragon Bowl


A town of Lizard Folk many days from Backwash around an artificial Oasis created by a monolithic jade dragon. The Lizard Folk maintain this as a neutral ground for the various folk of the plains. It is somewhere for them to come together, to meet and trade . However no industry is allowed apart from on a small personal scale such as repairing your own armour and weapons. It is a sacred place so industry is not allowed.

They have a temple for many different faiths but primarily the Immortal Lord of the Ascended Jade Dragon. They allow goblins and other Elder Gods to practice here though they do not approve of the Devils and demons of the goblins.

Goblins, Worgs, Caprigors, Roden, Bird Folk and many others all meet here and all are expected to maintain the peace lest the wrath of the guards fall on them.

There are basic accomodations as well as stables and the extensive Bazaar in the town.

Katyen the Worg Scout and Kaizen the old Lizard man priest are both well known to us and are trustworthy.

Dragon Bowl

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