Entities of Faith and Magic

Throughout the known world we have encountered a variety of worshipped entities beyond the Immortal Lords most of us have some familiarity with. Most have their own magics associated with them, and so it seems prudent to compile a list of those we know of, to better compare and understand them.

The Immortal Lords

Ascended mortals who now grant the Prayers of the faithful. Possibly the most benign and familiar of the Divine, these mighty beings are nonetheless unkind to the irreverent or incautious. Immortal Lords, though once mortal, have gained Divinity through great deeds, and slowly merge into the pantheon they most embody, be that Serenity, Valour, or Creation.
Known Lords: Hozai, a Lord of Serenity. The Ascended Jade Dragon, worshipped in Dragon Bowl. The Black Goat (who seems to be an Immortal Lord and grants prayers as though it were one).

The Celestial Gods

The Roden of the west are known to worship the Moon, and we have found a Solarinum, an ancient structure used to harness the power of the Sun, in those lands as well. The Sun’s magic is difficult, and is perhaps both like priestly Prayers and wizardly Spells. See previous research for more information. (Brother Holbrook’s Research)

The Moon and the Sun are known entities of worship. Other celestial objects may also be of divine nature.


Beings of the Hells, which lie in the Outer Reaches. They are oft worshipped by goblins, who promise their souls to them. Devils should not be worshipped, for they bring ruin and deceit, and are known to be malevolent.

The Elder Gods

Entities not of any of the above categories, which we know but a little of so far.

We know of the Chariot, patron of travellers. It’s sign is a mark of hidden paths and journeys, and cobblestones are symbols of it’s influence. We know of rituals to entreat it’s aid in safe travel, and have opened it’s magical Ways, that allow magical travel between it’s sacred stone circles.

Kyagor a creature and Elder god of spiral patterns there have been a number of sites we have found dedicated to it. It can lay a very powerful curse that necessitates losing ones self in spirals.

The Deep Flame

The dwarves of the Eternal Tower began worshipping the Deep Flame before the construction of Degtorum, but the Everlasting Tower itself is a concept apart from the Flame, and predates it. According to the carvings found in Degtorum, the Deep Flame was found far underground by a dwarf who would become it’s prophet: Garnan, First to the Flame. His ashes were recovered in Degtorum, but subsequently sold on.
The writings indicated the Flame brought light, warmth, and strength to the dwarves, and let them build wondrous devices. Thenceforth they transported the Deep Flame from stronghold to stronghold and within in carts and pipes. Jasmine has seen an installation of the Deep Flame in Degtorum. She saw it glowing blue, not the corrupted orange glow we know from our experiences.
The logical deduction, then, seems to be that the Flame was changed or cursed. In future it may be reclassified as a specific Elder God or Devil, but for now it seems significantly different from either.
It was definitely the object of worship by the dwarves, and it may have had some connection to magma, based on what we observed in the depths of Degtorum.

Entities of Faith and Magic

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