Forest Heart


The Heart of the Forest is the First Tree of the Forest and the most ancient place within the Whispering Wood. There are many hollows and tunnels beneath it and these appear to have been infiltrated by a demonic cult of some form. They spiked the roots with potentially cursed Iron Spikes, grew blood vines to drain life from the tree, summoned poison demons into wicker men and fetishes that they placed in the water source for the tree and corrupted the dryad.

According to plans there were six spikes and we have found and removed these along with the corrupted plague demon fetishes but we still need to explore and locate the dryad.

Vine monsters are abundant here and will attack you on sight, they will keep respawning until the dryad is cleansed as they appear to be corrupted versions of the tree’s normal protectors. They will exhaust you very quickly when fighting them. There are also a lot of various mushrooms, some of which explode with poisonous gas when touched.

Forest Heart

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