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Regions Known

The Wider Duchy The Towns Surrounding Backwash
Winterbite A town surrounding a Wizards Tower
Highcastle A Large and Bustling town
Bexley A Religious Bastion
Khern Garum A Dwarven Hall
Ryellenor An Elven Outpost
Crow Cliff A Remote Cliff top Village
Guthrum An Important Crossroad
Backwash Haggling Obstacle 2
Ironblood Moor Marching Obstacle 1 Pathfinder Obstacle 1
Village of Skogenby 1 days march 3 Expeditions
Skogenby Crypt 1 days march 2 Expeditions
Clovencrest Tower 2 days march 4 Expeditions
Whitereach Hold 1 days march 9 Expeditions
Bagranor 3 days march 2 Expedition
Rishaya Barrow 1 days march 1 Expedition
Arshaita Barrow 1 1/2 days march Unexplored
Lochlan’s End 1 1/2 days march Unexplored
Seeker’s Barrow 1 1/2 days march Unexplored
Basson Beacons Marching Obstacle 2 Pathfinder Obstacle 1
Blake’s Mine 1 days march 5 Expeditions
Straum’s Reach 1 days march 1 Expedition
Degtorum (Highwatch) 3 days march 5 Expeditions
Tumunzan Hold 7 days march 1 Expeditions
Tenders Camp 3 days march 1 Expeditions
Whispering Forest Marching Obstacle 2 Pathfinder Obstacle 2
Bloodhenge Druid Shrine 2 days march 4 Expeditions
Church of the Threefold Way 1 days march 2 Expeditions
Temple of Hozai 3 days march 4 Expeditions
Grand Magus Tower 2 days march 2 Expeditions
Forest Heart 4 days march 2 Expeditions
Hollowhorn Plains Marching Obstacle 1 Pathfinder Obstacle 1
The Colossus 9 days march 1 Expeditions
Curse-Eater Castle 10 days march 1 Expeditions
Temple of the Sun and Moon 11 days march 2 Expeditions
Solarinum 12 days march 1 Expeditions
Dragon Bowl 13 days march 2 Expeditions
The First Ancient Bridge 16 days march 1 Expeditions
Ancient Man Water Temple 17 days march 0 Expeditions
The Second Ancient Bridge 18 1/4 days march 1 Expeditions
Worg Town 18+ days march 0 Expeditions
Ancient Man Town 18+ days march 0 Expeditions
Kyogath’s Spiral 19+ days march 1 Expeditions
Howling Peaks Marching Obstacle 4 Pathfinder Obstacle 4
Chariot Stones 18 days march 1 Expedition
Zaylen’s Pass 6 days march Unexplored
The Wetlands Marching Obstacle ? Pathfinder Obstacle ?
Frog Men Town ? days march 0 Expeditions
The Cold Foot Marshes Marching Obstacle ? Pathfinder Obstacle ?
Sunken Temple Approx 25 Days days march 0 Expeditions
Marsh Colossus ? days march 0 Expeditions
Shatter Peaks Marching Obstacle ? Pathfinder Obstacle ?
Chronographer’s Tower 24 1/2 days march 1 Expeditions
The Far Jungle Marching Obstacle ? Pathfinder Obstacle ?
Eastern Edge ? days march 0 Expeditions
The Shattered Plain Marching Obstacle ? Pathfinder Obstacle ?
Waterfall Tower ? days march 0 Expeditions
The Tundra Marching Obstacle ? Pathfinder Obstacle ?
The Yellow Dales Marching Obstacle ? Pathfinder Obstacle ?

Useful Resources for Adventuring Sorts


Help I’m lost as fuck

Start Here!

Can I edit the wiki?

Yes! Jesus Christ please do, when this game assumes that not everyone will be going to every session we need a common line of communication to ensure some continuity.

In character, what’s on this wiki is public information. It represents the table talk, rumours, notes and whatnot that you all share in the taverns and common rooms of Backwash between your expeditions. If there is anything you want to keep a secret for some reason… don’t put it on the wiki.

I want to go on an expedition

Schedule one! Get at least one other person and put a post on the Facebook group and we’ll arrange a time. Calls for expeditions must be public. I will be pretty cutthroat about scheduling, so if some people can’t make it then they’ll get left out but other players must at least be given a chance and be made aware that a session is happening. Let’s try not to make this too cliquey.

You need to have a good idea of where you’re going. You most certainly don’t need to know the exact location of a particular dungeon and travelling through the wilderness is half the battle, but I need to know what your objective for the session is in advance so I can make sure that everything is prepared. If you have no intel on dungeon locations you have three choices. One, scum for rumours in town – I have ensured that there is some information available in civilisation so you’re not completely lost. Two, try and piece together intel based on previous expeditions. Keep finding dwarven relics on the Hornhollow Plains? There’s probably a dwarven ruin around there somewhere. Find a map to a goblin stronghold in an old forgotten temple? Follow it! Three, go exploring the wilderness yourself. You might not necessarily find a dungeon, but the wilderness is a living place with its own adventures and dangers. Even if you don’t find any gold, knowing that there’s a good camping site on the moors or that there’s a convenient pass in the hills is important info. Make maps! Share them!


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