Temple of the Sun and Moon

The Temple of the Sun and Moon dates to the age of the ancient Men. It is built into the fortified side of a mesa and once would have been nigh on impossible to storm. Age has broken down the doors though with some help from us.

The temple is divided into three sections:
- One side dedicated to the moon (right hand side)
- One Side dedicated to the Sun (Left hand side)
- A central area likely dedicated to both.

The Moon Section has been reasonably thoroughly explored. There are three buildings. Closest to the walls is probably an old barracks with a roof trop garden. Inside is a shrine to the moon that will drive you insane by looking on it. Beneath the floor is a portal to the perilous isle and there is a small well round one side.

The central building is slightly burned from Efaris’ weapons but contains a well with a barrel to fetch water up and ovens for cooking. There is a garden where more food can be harvested.

The top building is a temple to the moon. No lights function inside except for when the moon is out murals glow and the fire pit in the centre can be lit. You cannot hear or see anything beyond those. The murals on the walls depict people sitting in meditation. They have a pressure plate in front of them. If you don’t kneel a trap will dart you with a powerful sedative. The central mural is of a moon shining on a lake with people worshipping. The moon is a button that has been pressed. We suspect there is a similar one in the sun section of the temple but have no proof. We required a key to open the main temple and this key is in the stash.

The moon side of the temple was filled with muated goblins, pale and insane. They were not especially mighty but their lunacy gave them a strong purpose. They often run on all fours and are easily terrified. They are not particularly intelligent.

We have not explored the Sun or Central area but the moon section is pretty thoroughly explored.

Temple of the Sun and Moon

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